By: Catalina Lopez

1: The Types of Exams; What They Are; What Diseases They Screen For

Mammograms: x-ray picture of the breasts; it is used to check for breast cancer in women

Pap Smears: medical test to help find out if there are any problems with a woman's cervix; it is used to check for infections and other problems like abnormal cells that may lead to cancer

Testicular Exams: self examination; so that a male can check their testicles for any unusual bumps that may lead to testicular cancer

Prostate Exams: test to help look for prostate cancer; the screening can help identify cancer early on

2: Who Should Get The Exams; At What Age Should They Start The Exams? How Often Should The Exam Be Taken?

Mammograms: women, ages: 40 and older, How Often: on a regular basis

Pap Smears: girls, ages: 21 and older, How Often: every 3 years

Testicular Exams: guys, ages: 15 and older, How Often: every month

Prostate Exams: men, ages: 40-70, How Often: every 4 years