Did Containment of Communism Work?

No , it did not work. Sebastian Triana

Communism Connection

Communism is a government system in which everyone gets things equally. People share things equally , people get the same things other people have. No person has his/hers own possession.

Communism to Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong became very interested in communism after reading about the Russian Revolution. He studied communism writings at Beijing University. Communism connects with Mao Zedong because he later became the "Leader of the Communist Red Army of 100,000 Troops"

Tiananmen Square

The Chinese government fought with all of these protests because it wanted to be communist.It did not want to change its government .

Korean War

Korean War occurred in June 25, 1950.North Korea was a communist country under the control of General Chai Ung Chai. North Korea wanted to unite all of Korea under communist control. Later South Korea's capital, Seoul , fell to North Korea. United Nations and the U.S. sided with South Korea.With the help of the UN & U.S. Communism fell back into only 5 countries in the world. Many feared the so called , Domino theory which meant the countries around communist countries , would soon become also communism.The war lasted 3 years band it ended in a stalemate.Years passed and South Korea has become a prosperous country embracing democratic ideals, while North Korea has suffered many economic problems over the years.

Vietnam War

It was basically a civil war between the North Vietnamese and the South Vietnamese. North Vietnamese were the communist ones and wanted the South Vietnamese to also become communist. The Domino Theory also played a part in this war. The U.S. fought and struggled many times with the tactics many North Vietnamese troops , which was called the Go Chi Minh Trail. At the end the U.S. wasn't able to beat the North Vietnamese people & it's troops.The Viet Cong's guerrillas tactics worked very well.It was the 1st time in the American History that the public was so clearly against.The war ended in 1975 when the Southern Vietnamese surrendered before the capture of Saigon by the North Vietnamese.In 1976 North Vietnam United with South Vietnam to create one communist country, to form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

U.S. Involvemnet

The U.S. involved in both the wars because it was a democratic country and countries like South Korea needed help to not fall under communist control.In Vietnam the U.S. helped the South Vietnamese people not become communist , even so they did become communist.They both needed a strong power like the US to help keep communism away and to help with troops.

I think it did not work

I think containment of Communism did not work because communism spread to Vietnam and the Southern Vietnamese people became communist.We allowed a country to become communist , it worked very well in Korea ,but in Vietnam its a different story.