E Team Newsletter

Week of March 16th

May the Luck of the Irish be with You

Ms. Ellis and Mrs. Esposito consider themselves to be very lucky. We are lucky to have wonderful families, students, and food. . Our students did a great job creating their " Lucky Me" projects. We hope you enjoy looking at all of the projects.
If your child did not create one, there is still time to get it in!


We have completed our unit on Fractions. It was exciting to look at our Pre and Post tests on this unit. Every student increased their score - some by more than 90 points!

We have begun our unit on Decimals. Students are surprised to learn that decimals are similar to fractions, as they too fall between whole numbers on the number line. We will be writing decimals, reading decimals, comparing decimals and adding/subtracting decimals. This week, students will be working in centers to practice these skills.

Accelerated Math objectives for the quarter are due this Thursday, March 26th. Due to snow days, I have adjusted the goal from 27 objectives to 24 objectives. Students will receive a grade based on the percentage of objectives mastered. Remember, AM can be completed at home and Ms. Ellis allows students to use calculators.

Student Blogs

We started blogging! Their first blog is all about what they are passionate about. Please feel free to comment on their blogs and forward the links to family and friends.
I preview all posts, comments, and activity on the blogs.
I learned about Kidblog at the North Carolina Technology Conference and how to implement them in the classroom. Mrs. Ripp, the presenter, said to start with letting them write about their passion is and to not worry about spelling, grammar, and punctuation. She said that will come with time. So, in case you are wondering why they are not perfect...

IMportant Dates

April 3-10th - Spring Break
April 14th - PDQ Spirit Night
April 15th - Report Cards Go Home
April 17th - Cultural Fair
April 20th - JDRF Hat Day
April 21st - PJ Day
April 22nd - Play at Maiden High - Tossed Away
April 22nd - JDRF Gum Day
April 22nd - Spring Pictures
April 23rd - JDRF Jersey Day
April 24th - Wacky Tacky Day
April 24th - Blackburn's Got Talent and Silent Gift Basket Auction - We will need Baby Items
April 28th - JDRF Walk-A-Thon