Founder, Roger Williams was ruled out by the Puritains. He decided to set up a settlement that welcomed religions of all kinds. If your tired of hiding, sick of being critisized about the God you worship or the religion you believe in, Rhode island colony is the place to settle.

Geography and Climate

The flat land is ideal for famers. If you are a summer and winter lover, settling in this colony would fill your desire of living somewhere with a humid summer and a cold, snowy winter

reason for settlement

If you're in need of a job, the colony of Rhode Island provides an wide variety of options. Some of which include farming, raising cattle, lumbering, shipbuilding, fishing, whaling, and slave trade. In the buisness of slavetrade, many have become rich. If you're interested in slave trade, there is a big possibility in making big profits here because Rhode Island has become known as the biggest slave trading centers in the world!


The government of Rhode Island is set up as a self governed economy. There is no need to follow harsh rules or punishment. PEople of this colony are indivisual and they are able to create their own laws.