Electronic Medical Records

Should America spend the money?

The plan

President Obama's plan included the implementation of a national system for medical records. They would be put in hospitals, insurance companies and other medical institutions to keep track of patient information.

Advantages and Disadvantages

By implementing this system, Obama states that is should save money and help make visits and processes faster. "But it wont just save billions of dollars and thousands of jobs; it will save lives by reducing the deadly but preventable medical errors that pervade our health-care system." On they other side, like any other technology system, the software could crash and all patient information could be lost. There could be risks of hackers, and there's of course going to be lots of money spent on the system.

My opinion

I think this could be a great idea, but the process will be very slow. I think at this time America has other needs that they should focus on. Despite Obama saying this will save billions of dollars, it still isn't going to be cheap and I believe we should spend that money on helping more important problems in our country today.

Sydney Arnold