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January 2023

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Hello Triangle Families!

Happy New Year to all of our Triangle families! We are all very excited to start the new year on Tuesday January 3, 2023! I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break. The new year is always a time for us to reflect on where we are and where we want to be so we can set new goals for ourselves. Our students have worked very hard from the start of the year, and now would be a good time for them to set their own personal goals for the remainder of the school year. A student may want to improve grades in a certain subject area, improve behavior, read more books, help out more at home, etc. Ask your child what goal(s) they may have for the new year.

As we are getting back into the classrooms after break, we will be reviewing all of our "ROAR" expectations with our Champion Tigers in each class. As we are reviewing at school, please be sure to ask your child to discuss with you some of the expectations that were discussed during class so you can help reinforce those as well! We appreciate your support for our ROAR expectations at school. Our new "ROAR" cart will also start making its way through the halls. This is an opportunity for students to use their "Tiger Eyes" to purchase items for their great behavior!

During the month of January, students in grades 3-5 will be taking the winter VGA (Virginia Growth Assessment) in reading and math. This assessment will help our teachers identify specific areas of need by student prior to taking the SOL assessments in May. We will use the information during the school day and during after school tutorial to ensure students have mastered the topics. We do not have any after school tutorial in January, but we will start up again on February 7. It will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays through spring break. Please be on the lookout for permission slips that will come home soon!

A quick note about chronic absenteeism: In our last edition of the Tiger News, I discussed the importance of students being at school when not sick. I also discussed how the state would be looking at this as a part of our Annual State Accreditation. Since that time, the state has let us know that chronic absenteeism will not be looked at in the same way regarding accreditation. This is good news, however we will still be implementing some new attendance rewards, as we want to have our students here for learning.

We will continue "Building Champions Together!" in 2023.

Yours in Education,

Geoff Deavers, #1 Tiger


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Counselor's Corner

Dear parents and guardians,

The month of December was short due to winter break; however, we had some great lessons in our Counseling classes. All students in grades K-5 were taught (or will be taught after break) a lesson on The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Students had insightful answers to comprehension discussion questions and worked on creating their own individual apple highlighting a time where they were giving to someone else. I have created a "giving tree" outside the counseling area where all these apples will be placed. A read aloud of the book can be found on YouTube if you are interested in listening/reviewing with your student.

As always, you can reach out to me at my email ( if you have any questions or concerns about your student(s).

I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break. Happy New Year!

-Ms. Price, School Counselor

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids!

This school year, we have adopted "The 7 Habits of Happy Kids" by Sean Covey for our "Students of Character" each month. During the month of October, Habit #1 was "Be Proactive". For the month of November/December, Habit #2 was "Begin with the End in Mind". It is the habit of vision, or the habit of having a plan.

During the month of January, we will focus on Habit #3: Put First Things First. Students will be read a story titled "Pokey and the Spelling Test". Habit 3 encourages students to use time management and emotional awareness to work toward finding what's important to them and following through. In this story, Pokey puts off studying for a spelling does and receives a very low grade on it. His teacher allowed him another chance, and Pokey studied with some friends before the test. This time, he received a perfect score! Pokey realized the importance of time management and how much better he could have done on the first test had he studied.

"Put first things first, and then you play"

Be on the lookout for our next habit in February, "Habit #4: Win-Win"!

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Important Dates Coming Up in January!

Monday January 2: No School-New Year's Day Holiday

Tuesday January 3: School Reopens!

Monday January 16: No School-Martin Luther King Holiday

Wednesday January 18: 4th Grade Strings Concert at 7:00pm

Friday January 27: 1/2 Day of School-Dismissal 12:15 (Parent/Teacher Conferences)

*End of the 2nd Marking Period

Monday January 30: No School-Teacher Workday

Our Vision and Mission

Triangle's Vision: Building Champions Together

Triangle's Mission: We will build empathetic learners with a growth mindset who persevere through challenges with integrity and kindness.


Parents below is a link to our staff directory. If you ever need to get in contact with one of our staff members, please feel free to reach out to them via email or phone at 703.221.4114.