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Week of January 18th

Important Classroom Dates

January 18th - No School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 21st - Library Night

January 28th - Early Dismissal 7:30-11 AM

February 15th - No School, President's Day

What We Are Learning

For Quick resources click on the links, for additional resources visit my webpage section, "weekly resources"

  • Math -Ordering Fractions
  • Reading - Text Structure
  • Writing - RAFT - POW TIDE - RIDE Strategies for writing multi-paragraph essays
  • Social Studies - 13 colonies - Southern Colonies

Noteworthy News


Click this link to access MOBY MAX, a great program that will help strengthen weak areas!


This is the website for our weekly homework codes. Students seem to love the competition and doing homework online. Encourage students to work until they get 100% on the quiz for extra practice and extra class points!

Vocabulary Words

Social Studies Newspaper Week 10 Vocabulary Words

colony: a land or settlement owned and ruled by a different country

state: a region within a country

flog: to beat, as a punishment

laureate: someone who has won an award or honor

rivalry: competition

stocks: wooden frames where a person was secured by the neck and wrists

trades: jobs or careers

market economy: an economy in which government has little or no involvement; resources are used to provide goods and services according to supply and demand.


  • Sign your student's agenda each night
  • Check Class Dojo to follow up on student behavior
  • Use Class Dojo to communicate with Mrs. Kennedy
  • If students want to improve assessment grades, they can sign up in class for a re-take to take the assessment again in the 9 weeks.
  • Students need to have memorized and be ready to pass off any outstanding multiplication facts when they return from break. If they have facts to memorize, they will be working on those during part of recess/LOP


Reading Homework - Read 15-20 minutes Monday - Thursday and fill in one square on your reading log nightly


The students are doing wonderful in completing their homework on the website quizizz. They have proven to be motivated and doing well on the content! Each night there will be 1-2 required quizizz's to complete and additional bonus quizizz's for extra points.

Quizizz codes will be written in agendas and sent on Dojo as well!

Please simply send a note if students can not access the internet; they will be excused or given time in the morning to complete.

Assessments This Week

  • Comparing and Decomposing Fractions
  • Writing to a Prompt
  • MIST Benchmark Test (not graded, but practice for TN Ready)