Inequalities in Real World

By: Reagan O'Hearn

Theme: Shopping

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Less than or equal to

Jen is allowed to spend no more than $54. She wants to buy a pair of jeans for $18 and spend the rest on shoes. Shoes cost $28 each. How many shoes can she buy?

Less than

John wants to spend less than $64 on Valentine's day. He has $86. He buys flowers for $7. Diamonds are $19 each. How many diamonds can be buy while staying under his budget?

Greater than

Kate wants to spend more than $120. If she already spent $40. How much more does she have to save.

Greater than or equal to

Renee wants to spend 40$ without going over. She already spent $15. How ,any more CNA she spend?


You need 2 presents for your friends but you don't to buy more than 8. What inequality would represent this?