Marie Curie

An Incredible Scientists

Marie the Incredible Scientists

Marie Curie was one of the most important woman scientists in the world. Marie was the first woman to earn two Nobel Prizes for all of her work in science and physics. Did you know Marie had to go to the university in Paris because she couldnt go to the university in Poland?

Marie's life living in Poland

Marie Curie's Childhood

Marie Curie was born November 7, 1867 and lived during the revolution of Russia, She had to learn to speak Russian instead of learning Polynesian. When she went to private school she learned Polynesian language and Russian at the same time.

Marie's study of science

After Marie went graduated at the age of 15 in her class she went to take a break from school with her sister. They went to visit their aunt and uncle to take a break from school and her studies. After her break she went back to school in Paris and studied Mathematics and Physics by herself for 6 years.

What impact did Marie Curie have on the world?

Marie was very famous because she was the first woman to earn 2 Nobel Prizes in her life; she won a Nobel Prize in radioactivity with her husband and another scientist who studied radium. The second time, she won it by herself for her work in chemistry. Marie also found 2 formulas that are a part of the periodic table. She discovered polonium and radium. Since Marie was good at working with radium, she helped with the x-ray machines to carry them to the hospitals during the time of World War I.

Did Marie work until the day she died?

Until the day Marie, died she worked in her institute helping other young scientists with discoveries. After Marie spent all her time in the institute, she needed to go to a doctor because she was feeling confined from being around radium to much which was very dangerous for her health. Every day for one year, Marie would carry around a tube of radium in her lab coat pocket. She went to hospitals, doctors, and took a long break from working, but on July 4, 1934 Marie died of aplitic anemia, (Aplitic anemia is caused by being unveiled to radiation for too long).

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