Animal Farm

Sam Reifenheiser


Napoleon is a very controlling bossy pig. He told everybody what to do. Napoleon was also as self-centered as it gets. He thought he was the king of the world. Napoleon would change all the rules to what he wants them to be without anyone's permission. A quote from Napoleon is "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." The significance is that Napoleon is the leader of the farm, and he gets to say who can do what, and what they cant do.
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Napoleon at the end of the book changes all 7 commandments and makes only one commandment which is "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Battle of cowshed

Mr. Jones, his men and six others from the neighboring farms were attacking the farm, hoping to regain control over animal farm. They were all armed with sticks except for Jones himself, who carried a gun. Thanks to snowball who knew all about this attack planned an attack back. when the men entered a couple of the animals came out and once the men came closer all the animals attacked the humans. One human died, and a sheep died. Once the humans saw that Boxer has stunned a human, all the humans left.
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symbols: Napolean

Napoleon symbolizes Joseph Stalin because they were both evil dictators. Similar to Stalin, Napoleon kicked Snowball (Stalin) out of the country. They both wanted power and would brainwash their people to get it.
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Animal Farm (1954)