Pickering Elementary School

Computer Lab/Technology

Snap Shot (quick update)

In computer lab we have several things happening! Check out our newsletter for up to date info on what's going on in the lab!

1) We are publishing! From the youngest to the oldest, publishing our work is how we show the world what we are working on, what we are thinking about and what we pondering over. Every student is honing in on those fabulous writing skills for display at school!! What are you writing these days, or publishing? This is a great conversation starter at home!

2) Navigation through the web! If you have not yet had the opportunity to check our the Red Devil Webmix on Symbaloo, have your child show you! Guide them on how to get to the Pickering Webpage from your computer and let them show you the rest (or click on the link below "Red Devil Webmix")! This is a great reference for summer time to stay on top of those skills! Do you have something you would like to see added to Symbaloo? Email me and let me know (terrimayberry@vpsb.k12.la.us), your website might be a feature between now and the end of the school year!

Safety On the Web!

Life prep on the web!

Our 21st Century Learners have more exposure to world wide experiences than any generation before. This is exciting, but as parents it can be scary as well. We want our students to remain safe...in our homes, at our schools, in our neighborhoods, and online. Part of our classroom discussions throughout the school year have been how to stay safe on the internet, the things to look for and the things to avoid. The number one safety net for students at home comes from you! Make sure you know when your child is spending time online, know the sites they are visiting. For older students, know the apps they have on their phones and what is being posted on them. One of the easiest ways to help monitor online traffic at home is by keeping computers and other devices in open areas of your home where you as the parent can keep an eye on what your child is viewing. One of the links on our Red Devil Webmix is for NetsmartzKids, there are some excellent resources available for all age levels to check out.

What's Coming Up!!

The last six weeks is busy, keep an eye on our school website for upcoming events!!
See you online!!!
Terri Mayberry