Digital Copyright Advice

By: Olivia Heitt

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Olivia's Top Ten

  1. When in doubt, CITE it out: Always give credit or citations for your posted sources, no matter where you find them; internet, book, lyrics, friends etc.
  2. Copy & paste with caution: this goes for pictures, worksheets and pages from books. Obtain the proper permission.
  3. Need to find the owner of a copyright? Use to locate them.
  4. Do not share information from site to site without gaining the proper permission or using the proper citations; No email and link sharing without permission.
  5. No file sharing under any circumstances!
  6. Even if it's a friend, gain permission to use their personally created resources or it could spell your end: If you use any idea from a friend or classmate, make certain that they are alright with it.
  7. Common knowledge needs no citations!!!
  8. To request permission from a copyright holder visit:
  9. Remove disputed materials immediately.
  10. Do NOT post any controversial material that may slander or offend others.