Nicholas Copernicus

by Nicholas Ormond

What did he discover?

As a young man Nicholas Copernicus studied our heavans and discovered that the Greek's Earth centered solar system failed when it came to predicting planetary motion. He wondered about the Earth being a planet and having a Sun centered solar system so then all the planets went around the Sun non stop.

When did he make his discovery?

Nicholas made his discovery 1543 and he made a book about his discovory and the last pages were made the day he died. Nicholas Copernicus was an astronomer for 40 years and known as an amatur astronomer.
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Tecnology used

Nicholas Copernicus didn't have tecnology to use so he used thoughts,theories and ideas. Thats how we got his idea of a sun centered solar system and Galileo's theory of a earth centered solar system.

How did he help our understanding of the solar system?

He helped our understanding of the solar by giving us the theory of a sun centered solar system. He also helped us so we knew that Galileo's theory was wrong.