The Air-Sea Connection

How the atmosphere and the sea are connected?

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Gases in the Atmosphere

  • Nitrogen (78%)
  • Oxygen (21%)
  • Other Gases (1%)
The atmosphere is divided into five layers. Most of the weather and clouds are found in the first layer.

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Gases in the Ocean

The atmosphere isn't the only thing with gases. The ocean has dissolved gases.

Gases in the Ocean

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen

How are they connected?


  • Water evaporates from the ocean
  • Water is now a gas so it floats upwards
  • The clouds in the atmosphere collect the water
  • Water cools down and become liquid and rains down to land
  • The water eventually makes it's was to the ocean

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What does El Niño year mean?

El Niño is a name given to a periodical warming of equatorial ocean water. It disrupts weather and causes all kinds of havoc—from droughts to floods and landslides.