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Mohammed Sheroze @ Canadian tire

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Wednesday may 25 2016

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Description Of Task

i will be teaching you either a tire change or oil change


the reason i have chosen this specific task is because since it is tire season most of the time either tire change or oil change will come these are the most common jobs that will come as a work order. yes it is important

Demonstration steps of tire change

1) read work order

2) bring car in

3) take tire off using impact gun with specific socket size

4) if slow leak identify area if leak

5) mark the area with chalk

6) remove air from tire

7) take tire off the rim

8) patch hole

9) put tire back on the rim

10) install the tire back on the car

Demonstration steps of oil change

1) read work order

2) bring the car in

3) open the hood

4) take off the oil cap

5) top off the windshield washer

6) test the battery

7) check air filter

8) set the hoists arms under the car

9) raise the car up

10) take the oil drainer and place it under the drain plug

11) take the oil drain plug off with a wrench to drain the oil

12) once the oil is drained take off the oil filter

13) put the oil drain plug back on

14) put a new oil filter on

15) add new oil that is specified

16) check dipstick until oil mark

17) once oil is put to limit start the car to let the oil run through the car

18) check oil mark again

19) once completed drive the car out