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Notes from Ms. Welch, CST

Week of August 29, 2016

Upcoming Dates:

Everyday - Log in to LDS (in TAC)

Sept. 5 - Labor Day No School

Sept. 6 - PLC Mtgs.

Week of Sept. 6 - College Week

Sept. 7 - Tech/Training PD Team Mtg. @3-3:30

Sept. 8 - Heather at CST Mtg.

Sept. 16 - Have all homeroom students' permanent record files viewed (front office)

Week of Sept. 12 - 6 week diagnostic testing-look for an email

Sept. 12 - PBIS Team Mtg. @2:45

Sept. 13 - PLC Mtgs.

Sept. 14 - Heather at CST Mtg.

Sept. 15 - Leadership Mtg. @2:45

Sept. 30 - personalized learning modules due (see link below)

Some of my favorite pictures from this past week:

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Kindergarten found the Gingerbread man in Mrs. Robson's office! They had a treat and enjoyed a book!
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I love the flexible seating in Ms. Miller's class!
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Look at the writing going on in Mrs. Alterman's Class! Wow!

RTI - Response to Intervention Recap

Don't forget to fill out these items for all current and new Tier 2/3 students:

1. RTI Form

2. Language Checklist

3. Skills Checklist

4. Behavior Checklist (if needed)

Each week you need to log your interventions into the system. Set a reminder on your phone or calendar so you will keep your log up to date.

Check your email for a cheat sheet!

Classroom Management Tool

Work the Room

Where you stand or teach can make a big difference. Moving around as you teach helps keep your students focused. Without skipping a beat, you can move nearer to those students who might be distracted or fooling around. Your proximity will send a message to get back to business, and you don’t usually have to say a word. Pause for a few moments near the student who has been off-task and teach from there for a bit before moving on. A little eye contact helps here as well. A good practice while students are working independently or in small groups is to keep moving among them. If you are working with a small group, scan your classroom. Are your students safe? On task? If not, use a nonverbal cue or if needed, move to those students (or have them come to you!).

Instructional Focus: CoTeaching Strategies

6 Strategies for CoTeaching

6 video clips are below:

One Teach One Assist - 2:46

One Teach One Observe - 2:55

Station Teaching - 2:47

Parallel Teaching - 3:01

Differentiated Teaching - 3:05

Team Teaching - 3:08

One Teach, One Assist

Resources and Articles For You...

Register Your Lucy Kits - First Time

Use this cheat sheet to register your Lucy Reading and/or Writing Kit for the first time.

Register Your Lucy Kits - Current Account Holders

Use this cheat sheet to register your Lucy Reading and/or Writing Kit if you already have a Heinemann account.

Get TECHknow

Use Google Forms (part of Google Drive) to create, store, and share collaborative lesson plans, surveys, parent information, quiz students, data collection and assessments. All the information put into the forms (like the surveys) are automatically put into a spreadsheet for you! Easy!
Google Forms for the classroom - ideas
Cheat sheet for creating a google form!
Google form ideas from Pinterest
Form Example - survey
Form Example - parent communication documentation
Form examples - look on the left for student content surveys

Creating a Google Form


Pixie the Chihuahua says "Take some time for you this weekend! Relax and snuggle with someone you love".