The Tiger in danger

Tiger I.D

name: tiger

size: 225 kg

Tail 98 cm

Its height is 125 cm

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Why am I in danger?

The Tigers are in danger because tigers are becoming very rare, because people hunt them for their skin and destroy the habitats they live in.

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The life of a tiger

The tiger is a carnivorous mammal. It is the largest member of the cat family, the felidae.It lives in Asia, mainly India, China and Siberia.

the tiger is a predator which is quick and able to swim and climb trees.

He is used to lie in wait for prey , where animals come to drink.

When it notices animals like deer or pig, it leaps on him and holds his head in his hands holdings of the hunted and pulls back to break his neck.

i want to help tigers!

Many nations have laws that protect conservation-reliant species: for example, forbidding hunting, restricting land development or creating preserves.

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Swimming tigers at Australia Zoo