World History:Chapter 1

Rise of the humans

The first Hominin

The first hominin and bipedal was a Australopithecus ,which us modern humans call Lucy.Lucy got her name from a archaeologist named Donald C Johanson who found her on November 24, 1974.It might surprise you to know that Donald named Lucy after a Beatles song called "Lucy in the sky with Diamonds"Which was playing in the dig site while he worked.

Hominin's and what They Did

As I know there were a lot of Hominin,But I will teach you about the ones I mostly know about.Which are Austrolopithecus,Homo Habilis,Homo Erectus, and Homo Sapiens.Since I already told you about Austrolopithecus then I will start of from Homo Hablis.

The Homo Habilis lived for about 2.3 and1.5 million years ago.the Homo Hablis is the earliest of our ancestors to show significant increase in the brain size and to use stone tools.


Homo Erectus lived about 1.8 million years ago and 300,000 years ago.Homo Erectus also discovered fire.Which helps by making digestion a whole lot easier,the cooked meat also released carbohydrate and protien which caused even more increase in the brain overtime.Somthing else that makes the Homo Erectus special is that he was the first to stand up straight like us modern humans do now!!!

Last but not least the Homo Sapiens.The Homo Sapien lived about 200,000 years ago and we still have a lot of their character traits.The Homo Sapien has shown even more brain increase than the Homo Erectus.This is because all they ate was cooked , not like the Homo Etectus who ate cooked meat but still ate raw food too.

What do Archaeologist do?

Archaeology is the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and analysis of artifacts and other physical remains.Archaeology has been around for about 100 years and in those 100 years many artifacts,fossils,and other human remains have been found and experimented.

Archaeologist are the people who look for and experiment the artifacts.They have to fallow certain steps like this.

1.They locate artifact.