Minae Giuliano

Information Technology

About me

My name is Minae Iszabelle Giuliano. My birthday is on the 28th of June 1999. I am part Australian and part Maltese. I am also part Aboriginal and a few other countries. If I was a boy when I was born my name would be Tristan. My mum got my name from a T.V show credits.

My Family

I live with my mum and three brothers. My brothers names are Riley, Tristan and Noah. Riley is 15, Tristan is 12 and Noah is 10. My mums name is Samantha and she is 37.

My Game

I made a game. Its name is "Park Me". It was hard to make, and has obstacles such as dogs and other cars. You can drive the car using the number keys on the right of the keyboard, and also the dog moves all around the screen. There is a start and a finish. You can see where the start is, and the end is the line, or the space with no car.

One Direction

One Direction is made up of five boys. Those five boys names are Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Niall Horan. There group was made by a judge on the show, X-Factor, Simon Cowell, and now they have over 3,000,000 fans
One Direction - Live While We're Young