Crittenden's Critters

Weekly Updates from Room F7!

Dates to Remember

*Monday, September 28- No School for Students- Teacher Workday

*Tuesday, September 29- First Full Day for Kindergartners!

*Thursday, October 1- Family Math Night 6-7 PM

*23-24 October - Creepside!

*Tuesday, October 27- Minimum Day for Professional Teacher Growth

Upcoming Birthdays!

-Tuesday, October 6 - Madison

-Thursday, October 8 - Rohini

-Saturday, October 17 - Miss Crittenden

Family Math Night

Are you curious about some of the math strategies and games that we are using in to reinforce mathematical concepts at school? If so, please join us for Family Math Night this coming Thursday, October 1st from 6-7PM in the Multi-Purpose Room. We will have pictures of the children playing the games or doing the activities that we do in class as well as explanations on games that you can play at home to help reinforce certain math concepts. I hope to see you all there! If you have any questions, please let me know!

Mystery Reader Sign Up

Calling all Mystery Readers! This is SUCH a fun and exciting way to volunteer in your child's classroom. I am hoping to have a Mystery Reader every Friday. Here is how it works: the children will not know that you have signed up to be the Mystery Reader. They will get clues throughout the week about who is going to be coming to read to us. They are ALWAYS so surprised and excited when they find out who it is! After you reveal yourself as our Reader, you read either a book from home that means something to you or your child, or you may choose to read a book from the classroom. My allotted time slot for Mystery Readers is Friday afternoon from 3:10-3:20 but if you need us to be flexible with scheduling, I can change our day around. I really do hope that you all will sign up to be a Mystery Reader at some point during the year! Please follow the link below to sign up for a date!!

We need a volunteer to be our FIRST Mystery Reader THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2nd!

Click here to sign up to be a Mystery Reader!

Scholastic Book Club!

Our September Scholastic Book Club order period is coming to a close!! I will be finalizing orders on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 30th. Thank you SO much to parents who have purchased books for their children through Scholastic! For every book that you purchase for your child through Scholastic Book Club, our class receives points that can be used toward new, relevant books for our classroom! It is important to me to build our classroom library with interesting, up to date books for the children to explore. Thanks to you all, I have 676 points to use which evens out to be about 10 new books for our classroom library!

Please make sure that you have placed your orders by Wednesday morning at the latest to receive the books with the rest of the class! If you would rather send me money with an order for to send in the mail to Scholastic, make sure these orders are in NO LATER than Tuesday, September 29th.

This Friday, I will be sending home our October issue of Scholastic Book Club catalog! I will be moving up our next deadline for book orders as I want the kiddos to have all the fun books (especially if they get fall themed ones) before the end of the month!

One-Time Class Activation Code: PBC6D

Please use this link to go finalize your purchases by the morning of Wednesday, September 30th!

Weekly Curriculum Update

Themes for this month: Teachers like to use themes to integrate science, writing, and social studies into the math and reading standards that we are covering. Our themes this month will be pumpkins and the pumpkin life cycle and nocturnal animals and their adaptations to survive. I think the kids will have fun with these themes this month!

Math - This week, Ms. Otto will start to push in to help differentiate for math standards for kindergarten. Kindergarten will be focusing on number sense, building counting fluency, and working with tens frames. Working with tens frames is an important foundational skill for kindergarteners to have as our number system places heavy emphasis on place value.

My first graders will be reviewing what we learned about partners of numbers and we will be introducing the concept of place value. We will start with tens frames and expand to representing a range of numbers in base ten blocks. This will help to increase their understanding that every number has a special place in a our number system and will help them later on in the year!


Literature- We will be talking about concepts in both fictional and non-fictional texts. In our fictional texts, we will be discussing character, setting, problem/solution, and big events in the story. These are critical pieces of comprehension for fictional books that children need to have a deep understanding of. In non-fiction, we will be review what we learned about connections from last week, and we will also be discussing the importance of asking questions as we read.

Foundational Skills- For decoding (figuring out words), we will be reviewing the idea of tapping. We will also learn to get our mouths ready for the first letter of the word and look at the picture to confirm our thinking. We will be learning to look for a smaller part of a longer word that we know when we are stumped by a word. Kindergarteners will be continuing our work on CVC words and practicing our letter sounds. First graders will continue to study about digraphs. Last week, we introduced sh, th, and ch. This week, we will build on these with introducing wh and ck.

Writing- Narratives are such a critical piece of the writing process for beginning writers. We will be continuing to discuss characteristics of narratives and going through the writing process. Students will practice thinking of a moment to write about and expanding it to include details. They will also learn that writers go back over their work to make sure it makes sense and sounds the way they want it to sound.

Social Studies- We are wrapping up our study of the six character traits in our school wide character education program, Character Counts. Students have spent time with five out of the six traits, studying what they look like and sound like and how we can do our best to show them every day. Our last trait to discuss is Citizenship. This will go hand in hand with the study we will have about community and how we can be responsible citizens in our community and world. We will also be reviewing the word diversity and what it means to be different.

Science- Our themes this month REALLY lend themselves to science and I am SO excited about it!! This week, we will be continuing to build our scientific skills of observing, asking questions and creating a hypothesis. Throughout the month, we will have several experiments and studies into pumpkins, the pumpkin life cycle, and the needs of animals as depicted in our nocturnal animal studies.

Be sure to check your child's Friday Folder for a special letter from our Room Moms! :)