Fourth Grade Updates

December 2022 / January 2023

Virginia Studies

During the month of December and January students will be busying learning about:

-Colonial Virginia Life

-The American Revolution

Colonial Virginia

Students will be able to describe how life was like back in the early days of Virginia including how colonists lived, ate, and dressed. They will be able to describe the early economy of Virginia and all of the cultures that influenced the landscape.

American Revolution

Students will be able to list and explain the causes of the American Revolution. They will be able to describe the beliefs of both the Parliament in England and the colonists in the Virginia Colony. Students will be able to explain the differences between the Patriots and the Loyalists during the war, as well as describe the important roles of famous Virginians (Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Lafayette, and Patrick Henry) during this time.

Language Arts

During the month of December, students have been working on comprehension strategies with nonfiction texts, as well as research. They have worked hard to research severe weather types. Along the way, students have learned about how to find reliable sources for research and how to avoid plagiarism in their research work. This month we will also introduce poetry!

In January, students will continue working with poetry learning specific vocabulary, such as stanza, line and narrator. They will then move into learning about narrative nonfiction and how it differs from the nonfiction texts we have been reading and analyzing more recently.

It is so important that your child is reading at home nightly!

They can also get onto Lexia to practice their reading skills independently.


In December, students have been working on elapsed time and graphing. It is important for students to be able to read an analog clock, as well as tell how much time has passed between two given times. Graphing is equally as important! Students will be reading and interpreting bar graphs, pictographs, and line graphs. They will be able to read and match data from these graphs, but also interpret the information by answering more complex questions such as:

-How many more cars were sold on Sunday than on Wednesday?

-How many total people were surveyed in this graph?

-Which color was liked three times more than green?

Some important vocabulary words include:

-elapsed time

-analog clock


-line graph

-bar graph




12/12: History Connects Virtual Field Trip 10:10-11:10

12/15: Nonfiction CFA #2

12/16: Colonial Christmas Celebration

12/21: Winter Wonderland Shindig @ 12:45

12/22: Early Release @ 11:45

12/23-1/2 Winter Break

1/3: Teacher Workday

1/4: Teacher PD Day

1/5: Return to School

1/13: Class Pictures


1/17: Literacy Night

1/23: History Connects Virtual Field Trip 10:10-11:10

1/25: Reading Growth Measure Assessment

1/27: Math Growth Measure Assessment