Do you want to build a snowman?

No? Neither do I, I hate the cold.

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How about we build your business?

From January 5th through January 16th we will be kicking off the year with our first RACE event.

Who should participate?

-Veteran Reps

-Benefit Counselors

-Rookie Reps

There's something for everyone! Check out the points system below to see how you can participate:


**Agent/Benefit Counselor must obtain permission to ask for referrals from Opener.**

Referrals = 5 points

Appointment set from referral = 5 points

Signed Master App (confirmed via NASC e-mail) = 50 points

*Points can be accrued by a single agent or a benefit counselor can obtain a referral, pass that referral along to another agent. If that agent opens the group, the points are split.*


Calls = 1 point

Drops = 3 points

Appointments set = 5 points

Signed Master App (confirmed via NASC e-mail) = 25 points

CLICK HERE to report your points daily or e-mail them to Branden! Remember- all referrals and appointments must be verified (business name, decision maker name and phone number) and reported on your tracking. You must attach a copy of your signed master app to your tracking (if applicable).

Now the good the end of the two week period, the top 3 agents with the most points will be awarded the following prizes:

1st place = $125 Visa Gift Card

2nd place = $50 Visa Gift Card

3rd place = $25 Visa Gift Card

Please note- all applicable prizes will be reported on the winners' 1099 year-end information.

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