LIFT Weekly Update

All about the Student Ministry at First Baptist Covington.

Hey, everybody!

Happy Winter Break to all our Newton County students! We are still on for LIFT this week, so don't miss a great chance to come worship without the pressure of school over your head. This week we will continue in our Apologetics series, examining how to deal with tough issues like abortion and euthanasia. It will certainly be eye opening!

Check in on our Facebook page for some pics from the HS Big Day Out!

Also, registration is still open for the MS Mystery Retreat! You can register online at . Click on "Calendar" and "Open Registrations" to pay online. This is one they won't want to miss!

This Sunday night at LifeLine, we'll be joining in with the adults for the Answers in Genesis Conference, learning about creation and evolution.

NEXT WEEK, March 3rd, Matt will be conducting a new class for a few weeks for parents of teenagers. See below for details.

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Parenting Class

Starting March 3rd, for 3-4 weeks I'll be teaching through "Getting to the Heart of Parenting," a great DVD-driven study that focuses on dealing with bad behavior and conducting discipline. Don't miss this great opportunity!

Last Week's LIFT Message

Apologetics 1

Follow-Up Questions

Why is it so important to know why you believe what you believe?

Which source of authority has influenced you the most?

Why is God’s Word the strongest foundation?

If that is true, then why do so many people want to define for themselves what is right and wrong?