Should athletes be allowed play if they've had a concussion?


Hey. I am Deonte' from F.L. Schlagle High School and I have been having some concerns after watching the movie concussions about how athletes can just have a concussion and be playing the same position next game. Do they even care? How it will affect them in the future? I know they have contracts but at the same time your life is more important than a Million dollar deal.

Should football player be able to play football with a concussion?

I just thought that the topic was interesting especially after the movie "Concussion".


  • I already know that many football coaches and players push off concussions mostly because of money and titles.
  • I want to gain maybe a better understanding and also I want to gain maybe a different opinion.
  • I want others to understanding the big deal behind it and I it can affect them.


Concussion are very serious in the US because when you get one it may be a short term knock out but it could lead to later problems in life. Well Web MD said, "concussions or a severe concussion may lead to long-lasting problems with movement, learning, or speaking." Concussions are serious but nobody really even pays attention to the fact that it could affect you.
Especially football players they brush it off like it was nothing. David Armstrong a news reporter at Senior Enterprise said, "College football players with a history of incapacitating concussions are allowed to transfer to colleges that will permit them to play, a STAT investigation has found." They are very serious in the US but many coaches see it as just a scratch.
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Concussion can affect your future and your life if you continue to play or if the conditions are not safe.


  • I was very surprised by my fellow students when I said if they are bad a lot a few of them said No.
  • Also, I want to ask why do you think some people would say fighting or falling cause more concussions then sports?
  • I had asked peoples opinions on how they feel about people playing right after a concussions. Suprisingly some of my peers said that its okay if they are making that money.
  • What I saw made me want to prove to my peers that it is serious and what could actually happen if they just had a concussion and continue to play. I thought that concussion have always been serious and at the same time some of my peers thinks its just a "suck it up and be a man moment". I think that this will make my peers realize that concussions are nothing to play with and could be the cause of you death.