Spanish 1 2015-2016 School Year!

Great Beginnings!

ABC, 123, Won't you speak the basics with me?

We have been working hard as the school year has gotten off to a great start. So far we have covered our ABC's, singing them loud and proud so nearby classrooms could hear them. Then we've been slowly adding to our number repetoire as we've learned how to compose numbers from 0 to more than 100. The days of the week, the months, weather and seasons have all been presented and practiced and we have just begun telling time in all its odd cultural complexities. We will next be making a poster for a party that will detail all the necessary components of our first chapter and then they will be presented in groups and voted upon to see who was able to use technology the best. Look for pictures in the upcoming Newsletter!


Next month we will move on to begin learning about how to describe ourselves and other people as well as how to begin using verbs in the I and You forms. This way verbs won't be as hard to learn as we will practice using them in relation to ourselves first and then we will expand on the idea later, once we know how to use them in simple sentences. This will be one of the first real challenges for our students as they move towards greater fluency in Spanish!

Sr. Schwarten

Spanish Teacher
Westland High School
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