Art critism!

Getting art better one step at a time

Step 1. Analyze

The first step to analyzing is to look at the picture describe what you see....What shapes do you see,what lines,what different colors are there?

Step 2.Interpret

Descirbe how the artwork is.what's the theme how is the artwork aranged.What do you think the artist was trying to tell you.

Step 3. Describe

Now you describe what the artwork is meaning or doing.Whats the mood of the painting?Is it sad?Is it cheerfull?what is it?

Step 4.Judge (last step)

Now time for the last step of art critism, JUDGEMENT!!! Tell me what you do or dont like about it.Is there a way that you can make it better?How would you want it to be?

Your turn!

This artwork is called the scream.Use what you haved learned for this picture and you too can become a art critic!