Australians kids HALLOWEEN

by sarah schofield


Australians should have trick or treat for the following reasons:

* it is fun

* special time for family

*entertaining to think of the mosters of the night


it is fun to have halloween on the 31 of october beacause you could meet friends ,get candy ,tell ghost stories and heaps more it is also good to talk about scary things and create new monsters.

special time with family

on halloween you can spend time with your family going door to door looking for candy , you can also bond with your family because you can make your costumes. So walk the streets with your family you might never return ha ha ha .

entertaining to think of monsters

it is fun to think of the monster because they are not real you could also make some up it is kinda creepy if you have a sleepover on halloween so beware the monster are going to eat you and play around your bodies in the dark creepy night.


this is the reasons i know halloween should celebrate halloween in Australia i hope you agree with me or this will be your end ha ha ha .