Gregor Mendel

Founder of physics

Early Life

Gregor Mendel was a bright young man growing up with lots of curiosity. He spent his young years learning and living on a farm working hard helping out, Later on he went to a private boarding school where he ended up earning top honors for his class.


Mendel was an Austrian monk at the time of his discoveries he was mid height and had brown hair he was always trying to learn about something. He was named father of genetics after his death for his findings.

suceses and mishaps

Gregor was a good student and always worked hard which got him accepted into a boarding school. This was very exciting so Gregor worked just as hard and earned top honors in his class. While there were many wonderful happenings in life there are always the setbacks. Gregors father when Gregor was much older and going to college his father needed help so Gregor had to leave the school to go help his father. When Gregor went back he was going to take the teaching exam but failed he kept trying but could never get it so Gregor joined the monks.

Scientific Research and Studies

Gregor Mendel used a regular pea plant for his research crossing a green with a yellow when he did this all Gregor got was a yellow because of the fact that there are dominant traits and recesive traits the yellow is the dominant and green recesive. He also dicovered that the plants where at a three to one ratio 3 yellow 1 green. He used all this research for genetic use.

reactions and later life

when Gregor released his findings to the scientists they said they already knew everything that he was explaining and the book then laid untouched for years. His research would turn out helpful though when in 1900 researchers from the same field brought back his work. They then started a foundation called the Gregor Mendel it was born in 1991 to promote studies on genetics, breeding and Biotechnology.