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Center For Asian Studies-Newsletter Issue No. 1

Message From The Director

The Center for Asian Studies is both a place and a concept. Our physical location – adjacent to the Center for Translation Studies – could not be more symbolically appropriate. Like translators, we provide opportunities to encounter and gain a deep, nuanced understanding of other cultures. Our mission reflects the eloquent observation of the journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski that “the cultures of others are a mirror in which we can examine ourselves in order to understand ourselves better.” Whatever our cultural background or perspective, the study of Asia sets us all on a path to perceive our common humanity more clearly.

Although the physical office has been quiet for the past six pandemic-troubled months, the Center has not been quiescent. To help refine our vision and goals, we established a Faculty Advisory Board and an International Advisory Council. To increase our value to the community, we expanded the non-credit language classes that we offer to include Japanese and Hindi. To increase awareness and interest in Asian Studies among all students, we introduced into the curriculum, in partnership with the Hobson Wildenthal Honors College, a new undergraduate seminar on “Issues in Asian Studies.”

The Center for Asian Studies is dedicated to more than just building bridges across cultural divides. We want to create at UTD an environment where students (in the sense that we all are life-long students) from many cultures can exchange knowledge, ideas and understanding across the spectrum of human achievement. We aspire to supporting projects that integrate the sciences, humanities, engineering, the arts, commerce and more. Concepts, unlike offices, are always open.

Dr. Dennis M. Kratz - Founding Director

New Credit Course About Asia Launched

Center for Asian Studies has launched a new credit course for honors students. Collegium V Honors Readings (HONS3199), a 1 semester-credit-hour course that is offered only for CV Honors students only, explores contemporary interdisciplinary topics in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and engineering. Led by Dr. Dennis Kratz, director of Center for Asian Studies, the course has invited experts in different fields to present for the students and lead the discussion of various issues in Asian studies.

CAS Advisory Boards

Center for Asian Studies has established two advisory boards: The Faculty Advisory Board, which is comprised of distinguished professors from the seven schools of UTD, and the International Advisory Board, which is made up of renown scholars, business leaders, philanthropists etc. from the United States and other countries of the world. The two enthusiastic groups of advisors provide input and perspective on programs and strategies, also provide support in hosting events and fundraising for the Center.
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CAS Administrative Committee

Center for Asian Studies is fortunate to have a strong Administrative Committee. The members include Dr. Dennis M. Kratz (Founding Director, Professor/Senior Associate Provost), Dr. Ming Dong Gu (Associate Director, Professor of Chinese and comparative literature, School of Arts & Humanities), Dr. Karl Ho(Associate Director, Associate Professor of Instruction), Dr. Ted Harpham (Dean of Wildenthal Honors College, Professor of Political Science), Amy Lewis Hofland(Executive Director, Crow Museum of Asian Art), Dr. Jennifer Holmes (Dean of School of Economic, Political and Policy Science, Professor of Political Science), Dr. Michael Thomas (Director, Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History, Professor of Arts and Humanities), and Dr. Da Hsuan Feng (former Vice President for Research and Economic Development at the University of Texas at Dallas, Professor of Physics).

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