Blended Learning Models

by Coleen, Michelle, and Steph


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What is it?

Individualized learning plans/personalized learning time based on proficiency and competencies.

Have project time and one-on-one time.

Need 1:1

A la Carte

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What is it?

Anytime, anywhere learning!

Students choose whether they want an online version or traditional/blended version of each course offered by their school.

Drop out rates decreased by 10%

Would this be better fit for our students with mental and social anxieties?

Who creates the online courses?

Station Rotation

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What is it?

Students rotate among 3 stations: one-on-one time with teacher, individual work at seat/computer (personal learning time), and group time. These stations take place after large group teacher-led presentation.

How is the data collected for each student in order for the teacher to have one-on-one conversations?

How are they different?

FLEX offers a lot more flexible with what a student can do with their individual time compared to station rotation.

A la Carte offers more choice as to your learning environment.

School day for FLEX would look a lot different in comparison to the A la Carte since FLEX takes place within the school day and A la Carte can take place anywhere.