Tundra Biome

The youngest Biome in the world

Tundra Biome Description

The Tundra is believed to be the youngest of all of them in the world. It was believed to have formed approximately 10,000 years ago. Approximately 20% or of the surface of the Earth falls into this category.You will find the tundra biome along the coastal regions of the arctic. The combination of polar air and arctic air masses dominate in this particular biome. There is a very long winter and it is cold and harsh. The summer is short and mild, but most experts don’t view it as a true summer season.


  1. Extremely Cold Climate
  2. Low Biotic Diversity
  3. Simple Vegetation Structure
  4. Limitation Of Drainage
  5. Short Season of Growth and Reproduction
  6. Energy and Nutrients in The Form of Dead Organic Material
  7. Large Population Oscillations

Images Of The Tundra Biome

Frequently Ased Questions About The Tundra Biome

What is a biome?

  • A biome is a prevailing ecosystem constituted by similar biotic and abiotic factors present in one or more regions of the planet.

Can trees grow on the tundra? Why?

  • No, because their roots can't get through the frozen soil.

Where is the coniferous forest located?

  • Just south of the Tundra

What are the typical vegetation and the typical fauna of the tundra?

  • Tundra has vegetation formed mainly by mosses and lichens. In the fauna the densely furred animals, like caribous, musk oxen and polar bears, and also migratory birds are found.
Tundra Biome