Electromagnetic Waves: Radio Waves

Mykiyah, Justina, Bectzaida, & Mireya (7th Period)

What is a Radio Wave?

A radio wave is an electromagnetic wave that has a wavelength of 1 millimeter to 100 kilometers, and also has a frequency of 300 Hz. The velocity in a radio wave is the speed of light. Radio waves are received by radios and then converted into an electrical signal, to convert them into sounds waves. Radio waves have an amplifier to boost the sound waves.

Everyday Applications

Cellphones are one thing that uses radio waves. There is radio waves that are used to transmit your voice to a base station tower, because it turns the signal into a code, which then sends the information to the others persons phone. Second is a TV, a TV uses many different radio signals to transmit only one particular channel, and then it kicks out the rest of the channels without interrupting it. This means that every channel has different frequencies. WiFi is another thing that uses radio waves. The WiFi uses radio waves to transmit & receive information from one device to another. In a computer its wireless modem translates radio signals into data to receive the information; transmits it by an antenna or cable.

Health Impacts

Positive: Radio waves are useful for CAT scans, and X-ray and gamma ray machine parts.

Negative: Large doses of radio waves are believed to cause cancer, because of UV radiation. Meaning that when there is enough energy to ionize an atom or molecule, causing the inside of DNA to become damaged.


Article Summary

An outburst of radio waves took people by surprise and made them question what caused the out burst. Some people agreed that the out burst was caused by denoting a violent natural event in other words a cataclysm. And the other people believe it was caused by stars being eaten alive, dying stars, and merging stars. This is believed to help scientist explore the "missing matter" in the universe more easily.
The Coolest Things Sound Waves Do

Video Summary

This video is about things that we can do with radio waves other than use them to listen to music and the other common factors using radio waves. Trace explains how radio waves work and how the difference can help do other things. He explains to his viewers that if the frequency of a radio wave is higher than the frequency of another object, such as a glass, it can break it. He also explains that if there is a high enough frequency, there will be a middle vortex where it can make things levitate. He talks about how if the frequency is really high around humans, the high frequencies can cause problems with vision and hearing. If they were to put radio waves through the ground, your whole body would shake and be wobbly.