Fantastic First Grade

January 15, 2021


The last 2 weeks we have been working on 2D shapes. Students have been learning about the number of vertices and sides of squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, octagons, etc. Next week we will learn about 3D shapes and partitioning. Below is a parent resource letter.

Family Letter

Language Workshop & Literacy

In Language Workshop our essential question for Unit 3 is "How do living things grow and change?" In this unit we read the above texts and we are learning about how all living things grow and change.

In reading we continue to build upon our "read to self" reading stamina. Our goal for the year is to get to 30 minutes. We are currently working on 20 minutes of read to self time. Please continue to read for 15-20 minutes at home each day to help support building this stamina. We also learned about contractions, suffixes and prefixes.

In phonics we are working on blend and digraph sounds. In writing we are focusing on nonfiction topics. Students are teaching others about things they are experts o. We are also do "How To" books where students are writing the steps to do something they are experts on.


In science students have been studying the essential question "How do living things change to survive?" We have been learning about camouflage and how animals use their color to hide from predators and hunt their prey.

Friendship Party

We will be doing our Friendship Party on Friday, February 12th. If students are interested in exchanging Valentines, they will need to bring one for everyone in the class. Valentines MUST be at school by Monday, February 8th in order to give them enough time to sit before we exchange and open them. All students must have a bag or can decorate their own Valentine box to bring their Valentines home. When addressing your valentines...leave the "To" blank and fill in only the "From" section. Makes passing valentines much easier. Thanks!

Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

This week and next, we will complete a unit on Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety, where we will be completing lessons about how to be safe, responsible and respectful on the internet and apps we use in class.

Rose Glen School

Please send extra pencils and glue to school for your son or daughter. Many kids are running low.

Kids need to have snow pants and boots to play in the snow at Rose Glen. Please send these to school each day in a bag. Thanks

Conferences will be February 18th and 24th. More information to come.

Monday, January 18th - No School - Staff Development Day

Monday, January 18th - Culver's Dining Night

Monday, January 25th - No School - Staff Development Day

Thursday, January 28th - Papa Murphy's Dining Night

Wednesday, February 10th - Pizza Ranch Dining Night

Monday, February 15th - Panera Dining Night

Thursday, February 25th - Early Release Day

Thursday, February 25th - Papa Murphy's Dining Night

Friday, February 26th - No School

Thanks for all your support!