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What is Bulimia

https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl&safe=active&ssui=on#q=bulimia+definition An emotional disorder which affects the body image

Symptoms of Bulimia.

http://www.healthline.com/health/bulimia/effects-on-bodyThere are many symptoms of bulimia. The main ones are vomiting, purging, fasting, constant exercising, and abusing laxatives.

Physical Symptoms of Bulimia.

A main symptom of bulimia is someone will look insanely skinny. This is due to them pushing their body over the limit.

How does one feel with Bulimia.

They feel guilt or shame while having bulimia. They want to be skinny but they become too skinny.

Need Help?

You can get help for Bulimia here.

Provider- Turning Point of Tampa, INC.

Helpline number or e-mail- 866-610-8594

You're not the only one...

Elton John was diagnosed with Bulimia. After crying for a long time, he decided to change. Now he lives a healthy