Response to Intervention Update

Procedures at Willow Creek

Intervention Logs-Weekly Checks!

We will be checking intervention logs weekly. Please enter in all of your interventions by Friday each week using the One Drive link that is shared with you. Interventions and results should match the goals set for the individual child.
Example Intervention Log

Notice that each day spent with the child is recorded. At least one assessment per week monitoring progress is recorded on the log.

Progress Monitoring

Progress should be monitored for students in Tier 2A or 2B on a weekly basis. This could be in the form of a running record, AIMSWeb probe, quick check, or writing sample. The assessment should reflect the results of the specific intervention.
NEW!! RtI Menu for Reading Interventions

You will receive a copy of this complete for each child you have in RtI Tier 2A or 2B for Reading.

RtI Timeframes

Tier 2A: 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes each session

Tier 2B: 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes each session.

Tier 2 interventions are in addition to Tier 1 instruction!

RtI 4 Success

A great website with resources for RtI.

If you are concerned about a student:

1. Problem solve with your team.

2. Begin collecting data (running records, aimsweb probes, work samples)

3. Email Macie Kerbs with your concern.

4. Complete a student snapshot.

Florida Center for Reading Research

A great website with helpful resources for reading interventions. We have copies of many of these interventions in the Literacy Library.


IStation is a great resource that EMS-ISD has invested in this year for all grade levels, however, it is not to be used as the only intervention for a student in RtI. All interventions should come from the TEACHER, and IStation can be used in addition to those interventions. A computer can never replace the decisions or instruction from a classroom teacher!

Resources available for you


Interventions take time! Try to watch for small signs of growth over time! :)