Living in the life of Ruth Kapes.

By: Evie Kapes

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How many people can say they have a 97 year old grandma. Well I can, Ruth Kapes has had many experiences growing up with four siblings living in small town in Illinois. From swimming to sledding her and her family had many experiences and fun times. Childhood to adulthood Ruth shares her life and what she did and experienced.

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Evie- E

Grandma- G

E: What was it like growing up there, like how was your childhood?

G: Why I had two younger sisters, two younger brothers, and I think we all got along pretty well. We did a lot of things together and we lived in a neighborhood with a lot of children. So there was always somebody to go out and play with or find some kind of interesting thing to do. Um, as far as our family we all had our own little garden in the back yard, we did some creative things in the winter and in the summer. In the summer for instance we sometimes made tents out of quilt and had the wonderful experience of sleeping outdoors in the backyard where of course when your little was very scary and fun. Um, in the winter we all had one big sled to share, and that was really really great, we loved the winter. Um, and also we didn’t have a lake that was really good for swimming, but we did have a YMCA and YWCA where we learned to swim and went swimming a lot.

E: How did you and grandpa meet?

G: A friend of mine that I met while I was working at the U.S.O inter bantam was in the army. When he got out of the army and went to Chicago he went to work at a art studio, and I got a job at the university of Illinois and came to Chicago to work at the university. I called my friend and said I live in Chicago now, and with in a very short time he called me back and said, there is someone i’ve been saving for you, come and have dinner. So I went with him and his wife and met my future husband. We had dinner together at first, I couldn’t remember his name, but it wasn’t long before it became my name for many years.

E: What was my dad like growing up?

R: Well, he was the youngest of three boys and he was all very curious and very focused you could just tell he meant all business and he had a lot of interest in great many things. Mostly I would say in engineering kind of things, telephones and probably music, and you knew that he was very focused and would really stick to his interests.

Slide down with you favorite toy.

I am put in the garage all summer, I wait and wait. Once it gets cold and snowing I know I am in for a treat. I hear the kids yell, “Its snowing its snowing,” it’s my turn for some use. We pile in the car and drive to the park where the big hill is covered with snow. Kids all around, parents watching, and snow falling all around. The family takes me by my string and pulls me to the sledding hill, we climb up and get ready to go. I hear laughing, crying, and feet stomping through the snow. Each trudge up the hill gets harder and harder. We get to the top and the child sits on me, we push off and I feel the comforting of happiness. I know it was my day, its my day to be the one that the kids want to use, the one that gives the kids joy. We go down again and I get a big rush of adrenaline. I feel the crisp cool air run down my back, I feel a tug and we go up again for about another hour. When we are finished we get back in the car and head home. I get put away for another day of use. I know that even if I don’t get used again this winter I know that I have made one day full of fun for the kids. I hear the kids say goodnight and I wander off and know that we have had a fun day.

How technology effects our daily lives.

Technology has changed us and our lives. We rely on technology for entertainment, schoolwork, and work. In the 21st century it is strange to not have a piece of technology. Whether its a phone or a computer, we are surrounded by technology. For example ads, we see them constantly for electronics and are pressured to buy them.

Entertainment is a big part of our daily lives, when you watch a family movie or when you are waiting for someone, we go on an app or text our school friends. Brittany Walker from the University of Wisconsin- Platteville states, “My friends and I find excitement through watching YouTube videos and listening to music, which then leads to conversation. I have yet to see people engage in conversations the “old fashion” way, without phones, tablets, or computers and that is something that I would like to see more of.” People need something to do when waiting for something, after school for example everyone is on their phones when waiting on the bus or waiting for someone to pick them up. It is just a part of life people can’t live without.

In school we go class to class told to save paper, using computers help us because we can get our work from home and at school. Before the computer it was almost impossible to get an assignment done if you forgot it at school. Also, with ipads coming to schools students can get books, apps, and papers all in a click and have it wherever they go. Working on group assignments are much easier to get done from home with sites like google docs. Students can work together from working on one page by adding, creating, and sharing information. Students can even turn in projects from home at anytime when needed. Also, tests and quizzes for home can be taken on a computer.

Lastly, technology can help with work and selling and buying items and products. Companies can sell products online, and people can buy items from their couch without even going out. Tnark wrote, "Banks and other financial institutions are now filling data in the computer instead of doing it manually as they used to do in the old days. This makes it easier to find the name of the customer, address, email address, birth date, phone numbers and even the location. With the rise of computer technology, credit cards and other plastic money which are very useful especially when one do not have cash at hand or when one is ordering online products and or services have manufactured.” This shows how you can have all your information on a computer and not have to look all of it when buying something or going somewhere. We don’t even have to stop at the bank if we don’t have any money at the moment, people just pull out a credit card. Our daily lives have changed so much from technology that can now do almost anything for us.

Technology has truly changed our daily life. Why has daily life changed so much? Well these are reasons for entertainment, schoolwork, and work. We rely on technology to help us get things done. It is hard to function without it.

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A wedding card I made for my grandpa and grandma.

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My grandma and her family also swam at the ywca not only the ymca.