Killer Whale

Tyler Baker, Jared Carlisle

Killer Whale (Orcinus orca)


Inhabit all oceans of the world. Killer whales are the most widely distributed mammal. Groups have been found in shallow coastal and inter-tidal flats. While they are found around the world, killer whales are spotted mostly around colder Pacific Northwest, also along Norway's coast in the Atlantic. Basically they are all around the world.


Killer whales are the largest predator of warm-blooded animals today. Killer whales have been spotted eating nearly 140 different species of animals. Including bony fish, sharks, and even rays. Also, they even prey on the huge leatherback turtle occasionally.


Adult male killer whales are overall than females. Killer whales are primarily black with white patches on its under body and behind the dorsal fin.


Females are sexually mature at about 4.6m 5.4m. Males are sexually mature when there length reaches 5.2m to 6.4m. Killer whales mate with several different patterns.


Food Shortage, Chemical pollution, Noise pollution, Live Captures, Climate change.