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May 4, 2015

TJ Updates

Happy Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week!

This evening I read a blog post about the impact a former teacher had on the writer. The impact was not only on him as as student but than later as a colleague. This made me stop and reflect on all the teachers I had growing up. Several teachers stand out in my memories, each for different reasons. Mrs. Hotaling, my second grade teacher who's class I just loved going to. Mr. Saunders who challenged my math skills for both seventh and eighth grade and prepared me so well that high school math classes were easy. These were classroom where I felt valued and safe, where I could take risks. Do you remember those teachers who created similar types of environments for your?

Please join me in welcoming Ashley Snyder. She will be Linda Morrison for the rest of the school year.

In honor of Teacher/Staff appreciation week here are some of pictures of teacher doing what they do best... teaching...


Yates, Giroud, Day
PM: Spuhler, Emelson, Morrison

Monday, May 3
    • Staff Appreciation Coffee Cart
    • Curriculum Council, 3:30 pm, Teacher Center

    Tuesday, May 4

    • SST, 9:30 am, Reading Room

    Wednesday, May 5
    • Margaret out of building in morning (Urban-Suburban Applicant Review Meeting)

    Thursday, May 7

      • Teacher/Staff Appreciation Lunch

        Friday, May 8


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