Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel

Samantha Jarnagin

Scientific and common name for this endangerd species

Scientific name- Glaucomys Sabrinus

Common name- Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel

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Where is this endangered species found

This endangered squirrel can be found in all three regions of North Carolina but mostly in warm, dry forests in the southern Appalachian mountains.

Why is this species on the verge of extinction?

Tee squirrels biggest threat is deforestation, clearing of their habitats, newly introduced chemicals, recreational development, and air pollution.

What is being dont to protect it?

Sanctuary are being created to make a safe place for the squirrels and to see how the species react to a new habitat to see if they sustain a habitat change and how to help him.

You can help by donating to a fund that creates Flying squirrel boxes to create a safe place.