The Road to Perseverance

Neysa Scott May 2016

What is perseverance?

Perseverance is people trying to reach a goal even when they will face hard and tough times.

Eleanor Roosevelt (Description)

Eleanor Roosevelt was a very shy and quiet girl and faced many adversities in her lifetime. She was very close to her father and had no relationship with her mother. Even though her father became an alcoholic she still lived him and he still loved her. Her father died and Eleanor felt like she had no one. Eleanor wanted her mother to love and care for her even though she wasn't a boy or the prettiest girl. Then her mother and brother died within a very short period or time. Even though her mother viewed her as ugly Eleanor still loved her. She was sent to live with her grandmother who didn't really care for her and her brother. Her grandmother was harsh and neglected her. Eleanor was sent to boarding school for all girls and still had very low self esteem. When she started out she had no friends and was viewed as a shy girl. She had to learn to trust ans accept herself before others could accept her.

Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Robinson (Compare and Contrast)

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Jackie Robinson (Cause and Effect)

During this time period it wasn't considered proper for black and white people to interact. Jackie was a baseball player on the negro league. If he failed he wouldn't have a net to catch him and wouldn't prove to the world that the color of someones skin doesn't matter. He had to work harder than he had ever worked. If Jackie Robinson was complacent and didn't care about not having equal rights he wouldn't have broken the color barrier. He persevered and ignored the physical and mental abuse he encountered everyday. Jackie took all of the racist comments, taunting, and spitting just so people would allow black baseball players to play in major league baseball. He didn't have a lot of support and just went on to show that the color of someones skin doesn't define their talent.

The Sandy Road (Problem and Solution)

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Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg (Chronological/Sequential Order)

Nadja had to face many adversities before experiencing a triumph. First, Nadja began to doubt herself when she began at Julliard. Then, she stopped playing the violin for many months. Next, Nadja's teacher threatened to stop being her violin teacher if she wasn't going to take it seriously and bring her violin. Then, she had very unhealthy eating habits, got no exercise and didn't go out and that led her to have depression and low-self esteem. Then, she got evicted and her scooter blew up. She couldn't do anything about it because she was also broke. Then, she lost a friend that also made it the finals. All of this finally led to her first getting into the semifinals and going on to finals. After that she went to the finals and won. Today she is a well known professional violinist.

Lessons Learned

There are many things that can be learned from seeing someone persevere. This can help people defeat and work through their own adversities. People can be taught to learn from their own adversities. Someone can be taught that adversities are experiences that have a lesson and meaning to them. Someone can learn that reaching a isn't easy it takes hard work. A person should learn to never give up or quit.