The Barcode Tattoo

Written By: Suzanne Weyn; Report By: Lorna Picoult

Here's what the book is about:

The year is some time after 2024. So, let's just say it takes place in the United States of America, in the near future. There's this thing that a company, Global1, is now requiring every U.S. citizen to get: a barcode tattoo. Little do most people know, the tattoo has all of your personal information etched into it, including medical records and DNA. When they are scanned to pay for insurance, for example, the insurance people can say no. This is because they can see all of your medical records and diseases that you are likely to get, all through the information on the barcode. So, when Kayla, the main character, finds out about this, she runs away from her city, trying to escape having to get the barcode. And that's where I am paused in the book.

Here's what I found powerful in this book:

What I found powerful in this book whas that Kayla, the main character, has a disease called haullucinatory schizophrenia, which was passed down from her father. It causes her to have visions, some of which come true, some of which don't. This is one of her visions, from the book: "A jet streaks by. It's low and she's never seen one that looks exactly like it. She's in the woods outside a great city. Tall white buildings spire to the sky. A thick shining wall surrounds the city, about fifteen feet high. Someone else is with her. She senses him standing behind, but doesn't turn to see.

"Near the wall, people walk toward the city. Many people. Her heartbeat quickens. A low rumble, like many voices speaking at once, fill her mind. She smiles."

Creator of this Smore: Lorna Picoult

If you have any questions, please contact me through my email. I will try to respond within a week. If you have read the book, isn't it great? Everyone who likes sci-fi, mysteries, or adventure should read it.

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