Noam Chomsky included in Activism

Where did Noam Chomsky start?

Noam Chomsky has an Ashkenzi Jewish backround. He was also born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was a problem to begin with because Noam's parents were immigrants from eastern Europe, which made speaking harder than living in Philly' anyways.

Noam Chomsky was offered a spot at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) where he studied linguistics, analytical philosophy, cognitive science, and anything political. Also in 1958, and 1959 Noam Chomsky was invited to the Institute of Advanced Study, which lead him into the National Science Foundation.

Noam Chomsky won an honorary fellowship at the Literary and Historical Society in 2005. Two years later, he received The Uppsala University Honorary Doctor's degree in 2007, Carolus Linnaeus. He was also honored with the presidents medal from the Literary and Debating Society of the National University of Ireland, Galway in 2008. Chomsky has been serving as an honorary member of The International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) since 2009.

Chomsky's theory has ruined the mindset of pre-adults.

The mathematical part of linguistics intrigues people, but before a few decades ago there was nothing relevent to this matter. Sadly, also semantics (Which is used for expression through language) was almost whiped away becuase of Chomsky's theory and his importance to people's "everyday life". Consequently, because of Chomsky's decisions, university's classes were to be switched from linguistic depatments, to formal semantics. These changes have delayed students learning from new concepts of language. Becuase of this developing change, I'm against his theory of change for linguistics.

Shayne Hensley

A concerned linguistic enthusiast.

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