New River Basin

By: Amber & Ryan


River Basin- drainage area of a riverWatershed- all the land drained by a river, stream or lakeaquifer- a pourous rocky layer underground that is a reservoir for waterecological footprint- the amount of land and water needed to support one's lifestyle using current technology


-Total miles of streams and river: 918 miles-Municipalities within basin: 6-Counties within basin: 3-Size: 752 square miles-Population: 44,693(2000 U.S Cenus.)

Pictures of some of the vocabulary


In 1998, President Clinton visited and named the New River an American heritage river. Stewardship is a tradition in the New River basin-In the early 1970's residents banded together to prevent dams from bein built on the New in North Carolins and Virginia. the river's multiple scenic designations now ensure that the river will continue to flow freely.


It is in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it streches from Watauga County to central Ashe county.