The Great White Shark

By:Shyanne Reynolds


The great white shark is an amazing animal. The great white sharks is one of the most dangerous shark of the sea. If you see a pointy fin you probably want to play dead. If you are swimming in the ocean you want to stay near the shore. They are extraordinary creatures of the deep.


The great white shark is a mammal. The shark lives in warm and cold waters and vary rarely do they live in tropical waters because it could over heat there body’s. Sometimes they go over to cold waters some reports have shown great white in Canada and Alaska. They have also they have been found in Zealand, California to Alaska, the east coast of USA and the Gulf coast, Hawaii, most of South America, the Mediterranean Sea, West Africa to Scandinavia, Japan and the eastern coastline of China and southern Russia. They travel a lot.


The great white shark has a lot of prey. Some of them are fishes, turtles, dolphins, seals and sea lions. This is how they attack they come slowly. It can hear the seals through the waves. The sent gives them away. Great whites are made to kill. They can change their body tempter this makes them have sharper sight this stands for a day time hunter. They always look up words. They can see objects from 500ft blow. If they see anything they will attack, like surf boards. Then all of a sudden they attack. the seal.


The great white and the killer whale two dangerous animals they will do anything to get food. They wouldn’t dare challenge each other, or so we thought. Off the coast of California it happened. People didn’t know what to do. They tried to separate them. Shark territory is off of San Francisco it’s one of the largest territories. Thousands of sea lions gather there. The great whites hide there to catch their prey. They bite them then let them bled to death. They are at the top of the food chain. 9/4/1997 something weird happened. Some people reported a shark attack. This wasn’t an ordinary shark attack. This time the shark was the victim. You could see the killer whale with the shark in its mouth. But the battle was over, the great white shark was in pieces.


Sharks have a lots of adaptations one of them are there body shape is rounded for speed. Sharp teeth help them grab on to prey. Gills to take oxygen from the water. Flat head to make a faster turn. They have sensitive smell to hunt prey. Sharks have lots more adaptaions.


sharks have adaptaions that help them live. They have lots of prey. They only have one animal that can kill them. They can live in almost live in eny water. shaks are amazing animals.
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