Shakespeare's He/She love triangle

Kelvin Vela

She's the man v. The twelfth Night

She's the man follows Viola as a disguised soccer player. In Twelfth Night Viola is disguised as a male messenger. Both are there for ulterior motives but, end up falling for Duke Orsino.

Comedy of Manners

Justin: Could you be a girl for just 5 seconds

Viola: Ok... First of all it's not a stupid soccer issue and... you're a jerk. Oh look at that, times up.

This was an example of comedy of manner because it was a put down.

Viola says something about a girl number being 1-800-Biotch

Twelfth Night

"Better a witty fool, than a foolish wit" -William Shakespeare

Comedy of idea because it was an idea or opinion

She's the man

A low comedy moment in She's the man was when Viola and Sebastian flash the crowd, to prove their gender. It was bodily humor in public view.

Twelfth Night

An example of Farce comedy in Twelfth Night was Malvolio wearing the yellow pants. It was a misunderstanding that lead to him being humiliated.