The New Edition to Mount Olympus

The time has finally come! by:Matthew Lau

Zeus is Retiring?

  • What? Zeus has finally retired in his job at Mt Olympus? This is the moment where someone else can rule all of the gods/goddess!
  • Zeus was a great leader though overall and we will miss him. He was a very powerful God because he ruled the Gods/Goddesses of course, had his own messenger, and etc.

Bad Things About Zeus

  • Some of the things that Zeus did were terrible/horrible. There are many myths that talks about him and shows how he had caused a lot of trouble. One of the myths is the Io myth where Zeus turned Io into a cow which was bad because his wife was Hera and not Io.(Zeus loved other women and Hera than wanted revenge.) Hera saw him do it and than wanted to keep the cow which is the bad part.
  • So, going on to the final decision of who I would want to pick if Zeus retires is..........Poseidon!

First Reason for Why Poseidon Should Take Over Mt. Olympus

  • The first reason why Poseidon should take over Zeus's position on Mt. Olympus is because Poseidon is the second most powerful god on Mt. Olympus after Zeus so, the others who are on Mt. Olympus are weaker than him. It makes sense to take the second most powerful person on Mt. Olympus to be the ruler.

Poseidon's Role

The second reason why Poseidon should take place of Zeus's position at Mt Olympus is because he has many roles that are pretty cool. (abilities)

  • He is the god of the sea so, when he gets angry, he unleashes the sea violently. Even though he was able to stay at Mt. Olympus if he wished, he mainly stayed/lived in the sea.
  • Another ability is that he was able to strike earthquakes when he got mad.
  • Last but not least, Poseidon was the god of the horses too and was the first one to create it. Everyone else on Mt. Olympus didn't create the first horse!

Most Prized Possession!

  • The third reason why Poseidon should take Zeus's position is because he has a special weapon called the Trident. This Trident represents that he was able to control the water.
  • The Trident consist of three prongs like a fork almost.
  • Unlike Zeus, his specific weapon that represented him which was called the lightning bolt did not control the sea.


  • There are many siblings that Poseidon has and two of them were Zeus and Hades.(brothers)
  • One day, three of them divided themselves up. The three types of places were the Underworld, the Sky, and the Sea. Zeus got the sky, Poseidon got the sea, and Hades got the Underworld.


  • Poseidon had three sisters and they were named Demeter, Hera and Hestia.
  • Demeter was the Goddess of agriculture.
  • Hera was the queen of all gods.
  • Hestia was the Goddess of hearth and home.


Poseidon's parents are Rhea and Cronus which are Titans and are very powerful which shows that he(Poseidon) is very powerful since his parents were too.

Poseidon's Beloved

Poseidon is married so, his wife named Amphitrite and him can rule Mt. Olympus and can be more powerful like the couple Zeus and Hera. It would be more powerful instead of one person ruling Mt. Olympus.

So, Artemis, Apollo and all of the Gods/Goddess that are not married are out of the choice of who should rule Mt. Olympus. Unless they are the top two most powerful gods, then they could rule Mt. Olympus alone but the problem with that is Zeus and Poseidon are already the top two most powerful Gods on Mt. Olympus.

A Chariot?

Poseidon had a chariot that he used. He used his horses to travel. The horses had golden manes and brass hooves. When Poseidon went over the water, it was a very smooth ride and not bumpy. Things that swam near the chariot was fish. This is the ultimate chariot!


So, as you can see, Poseidon should be accepted as being the ruler of Mt.Olympus in place of Zeus! Join Poseidon's side! Are you in?