Food for Waco's Food Deserts

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What's a Food Desert? facts on hunger in Waco

~5.1-10% of Waco is in a food desert. A food desert is an area in the city where it is hard to get affordable and healthy food.

~18.4% of Texas households experience food insecurities. Food insecurity means that consistent access to adequate food is limited by a lack of money and other resources at times during the year.


Hunger Hurts... We can help

Why it Matters

This issue is very important to us because no one deserves to be hungry. It makes us very sad to see people without food. It is a problem we see often in our city. Without healthier food options, people could steal to get food, could have to eat unhealthy foods and possibly will get sick. By helping eliminate food deserts, we can make Waco a better, happier, healthier place to live. Our goal is to eliminate hunger in our city by creating more affordable grocery stores and shopping centers within food desert areas in Waco.

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Hunger Hurts we can Help