by: Nate H.

This building an architect design ---------->

What is an Architect?

An Architect is an designer for many things. I would be an architect that designee buildings for big city's.

Who needs an architect?

1. People who need house

2. Government

3. Big company

How could we find out what a day in the Architect looks like?

If you know an Architect spend a day with them.

If you do not know anyone look up architect.

Two examples of things an architect would do in a day?

1. Make blue prints

2. Look at construction cites

What type of education do you need for architect?

It depends on how good you are and what your degree is the more you get payed.

If you are and architect the high the degree the more likely you are to be hindered.

Why would some one want to be an Architect?

If you are good at doing math and in joy building/making things.

What is the toughest thing an architect needs to be able to do?

An architect will need to be very good with math.

When you are making designs for a building you will need to be able to imagine it in your mind.

Rio 2016 Olympic City Building Being Built - Timelapse- Steel Framing