APRIL 2017

Center Aim

Everyday teachers mold the future. Teachers foster creativity, develop character and provide students with the skills they need to reach their full potential and lead productive lives. Teachers, administrators, support staff experience incredible joy in celebrating the accomplishments of students and spring is that time of year when we recognize such achievements.

Congratulations to Georgia Wilson, student at WCR. Georgia won the local spelling bee and made it to the 2017 regional spelling bee where she finished in the top 50.

As we continue with the implementation of the CJUSD Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), I am proud to share that we are making significant progress in attaining the goals we have established. Through the annual update process, will look at data, review the progress our district has made and revise goals as needed to meet the educational needs of our students. Annual update discussions with all stakeholders will happen throughout the district in April and May.

California’s academic standards are designed so students graduate ready for college and a career. One way we measure their progress is through the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) assessments. Students across California in grades 3–8 and high school take these assessments each spring. These tests were created specifically to gauge each student’s performance in English language arts/literacy (ELA), mathematics, and science. These tests measure the skills called for by the academic standards, including the ability to write clearly, think critically, and solve problems.

California’s new state standards for science call for students to think and work like scientists and engineers – asking questions and learning through hands-on investigation and discovery. Working with science teachers, California is developing a new assessment that emphasizes scientific thinking and reasoning. In April, 5th, 8th and 10th graders will participate in a pilot test. While this pilot with not provide scores for your child, it is an important first step in developing an assessment that will fairly and accurately measure student achievement on the new science standards. For additional information about the science test pilot or to view sample questions, visit

Transitional Kindergarten is a program that provides a year of early education to help children develop the skills they need to succeed in kindergarten. The program is not a substitution for kindergarten. Rather, is the first of a two year program to ensure that students are developmentally and academically prepared for first grade. Children eligible for Transitional Kindergarten must have a birthday between Sept 2, 2010 and Dec 2, 2010. If your child's birthday falls within the appropriate range and you would like more information about the Transitional Kindergarten programs please contact North Country Elementary at 338-6480, Oak Hill Elementary at 338-6460 or Dudley Elementary at 338-6470.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for additional events throughout CJUSD you don’t want to miss:

SPRING BREAK: All school sites will be closed April 10th-14th with school resuming on Monday, April 17th.

CHS Drama Department Production: March 31st & April 1st, April 7th & 8th

CHS Top Ten Dinner: April 5th

CHS Dance Production: April 20th & 21st

CHS Senior Ball: April 22nd

CHS Purple Cord Dinner: April 28th

WCR Open House & Incoming 7th grade Parent Info Night: April 6th

WCR Spring Music Concert: April 27th

NORTH COUNTRY Science Fair: March 30th @6pm

NORTH COUNTRY Leadership Day: April 5th

NORTH COUNTRY Willy Wonka Jr. Spring Musical: April 27th, 7pm @Center HS

Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten registration: If you have a student who will be a kindergartener or in the Transitional Kindergarten program in the fall, please refer to the registration schedule listed on the website for your home school. All school sites can be found at

Stay connected to CJUSD through Facebook at Center Joint Unified School District.

BIKERS & BOOKS Fundraiser for North Country

North Country Elementary School, in conjunction with the North Country PAWS PTO are hosting the first Bikers & Books motorcycle fundraiser ride and children's book drive on August 26, 2017. All proceeds go to support the students at North Country. This event is open to all bikes.

Additional information can be found on the website link below.

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CJUSD Wellness Committee's HEALTHY HERO

Travis Lukes District Maintenance

• Favorite Physical Activity: Bicycling - nice long rides with great scenery.

• Favorite Healthy Food: For breakfast I like yogurt, granola and fruit. Fish or chicken at lunch and dinner. I do like to eat all types of food, but I have to use portion control!

• Favorite way to Relax: Watching Major League Baseball on TV or watching my son play baseball (Tampa Bay Rays minor league).

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