Google Sheets

MSD Resource

How To Use This Resource:

Read the essential questions and keep them in mind as you work your way through the resources on this page. Watch the brief video tutorials next to each feature if you do not have familiarity with that item. Complete the task at the bottom of the page.

Essential Questions:

How can Google Sheets assist with data analyzation and record keeping?


Google Sheets interface- click the interactive buttons for a tour

Google Sheets challenge - test your skills to ensure understanding

Data collection and graphing

Google Sheets basics - Google's guide to Sheets

Beyond Basic:

Quick sum - learn how to use the sum feature in sheets

Protect cell ranges - limit who can edit specific cells

Creating Visualizations - this uses information gathered in forms

"Fill Down" - populating cells based on patterns


Add a new row to this spreadsheet. Make up scores for 5 quizzes on 8/1-8/5. Use formulas to populate the answers in columns G, H, I. Watch this screencast for help (If it appears blurry, click on the Settings cog directly beneath the YouTube video and change the quality to 720p-HD).